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Muddy Grease is a moving beast. Grooves, beats and sounds outline the contours of this five-piece electro fusion formation. Their style is also strongly characterized by their clear, tasteful melodies and energetic, adventurous solos. Let yourself get pulled into this musical vortex that leaves nothing but a euphoric experience!

The five Utrecht students met at the Utrecht Conservatory where they soon came into contact with American fusion. Obsessed with the complexity and attention to detail in sound, groove and composition, the group started writing music themselves. With the same eye for detail in the content of their compositions they now play their own music on different types of stages. The fun on stage can be read from the faces of the band members. And that works contagiously.

What's next?

Muddy Grease is about to rock the studio to record their first EP, and it won't be long before they drop their album after that. Muddy Grease will play lots and lots of concerts, get some heads nodding and get the crowd to dance!

Four men and a woman give you what you are looking for. A danceable, musically interesting whole that sounds completely crazy. The band continues to innovate in sound, arrangement and performance, and give you a show that stays with you!

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Who are Muddy Grease?


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Past concerts

July 13 - North Sea Round Town, Rotterdam Central Station

June 22 - 't Oude Pothuys, Utrecht

June 3 - VOOR//AAN Festival, Utrecht

May 20 - Jazz in Duketown, 's Hertogenbosch

March 19 - Waterhole, Amsterdam

November 22 2017 - HKU Live @ EKKO, Utrecht

November 18 2017 - SPLOTSZ, Roelofarendsveen

October 2 2017 - HKU Lunchpauzeconcert, Utrecht

September 29 2017- Support act Nationale Taptoe @ Ahoy, Rotterdam

September 10 2017 - Jazz in het Dorp, Amstelveen


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